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Book three in the Delphi Bloodline series, ATHENA'S DILEMMA follows young clairvoyant and painter Athena Butler in her next adventure as she tries to balance her love life in San Francisco with her love of painting. Again, a homicide detective turns to her in his attempt to solve the repeated murders of homeless vagrants all over the city. Sheriff's deputies in Nevada County welcome her and her boyfriend Kas's assistance with a child trafficking ring as well.

Athena faces a personal dilemma. Is she ready to commit herself to Kas Skoros? And if she isn't, what will he do? Can she bear to lose the only man she's ever loved?

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HOUSE OF HOOPS by June Gillam

In the midst of America's crumbling culture, rife with mass shootings, protest marches and violence aplenty, optimistic Hillary Broome Kiffin is promoting a soon-to-open community center in downtown Sacramento, but is stunned to become the bull's eye in and anti-urban development movement headed by a bitter old professor bent on doing whatever it takes to preserve his aging and historic neighborhood.

As Hillary combats the professor, her you basketball phenom daughter is hit by a series of setbacks forcing Hillary to confront her own resistance to searching for the mother who abandoned her years before. In this city life crime story, the naked truth about local politics, homelessness and gentrification stands out in its visceral impacts.

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THE FOG LADIES: A San Francisco Cozy Mystery by Susan McCormick

Young, overworked, overtired, overstressed medical intern Sarah James has no time for sleuthing. Her elderly neighbors, the spunky Fog Ladies, have nothing but time. When, one by one, old ladies die in their elegant apartment building in San Francisco, Sarah assumes it is the natural consequence of growing old. The Fog Ladies assume murder.

Mrs. Bridge falls off a stool cleaning bugs out of her kitchen light. Mrs. Talwin hits her head in the bathtub and drowns. Suddenly, the Pacific Heights building is turning over tenants faster than the fog rolls in on a cool San Francisco evening. 

Sarah resists the Fog Ladies' perseverations. But when one of them falls down the stairs and tells Sarah she was pushed, even Sarah believes evil lurks in their building. Can they find the killer before they fall victim themselves?

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Following the discovery of her protege's mutilated corpse, SFPD Detective Kate Barnes vows to capture the infamous serial killer known as The Tower Torturer. Famous for revisiting history's darkest forms of cruelty on his victims, the sick psychopath has emerged from the shadows after years of silence. As young women close to Kate disappear, the killer taunts the detective, torturing his victims in various and unspeakable ways before displaying their corpses in macabre public tableaus.

Despite her best efforts, the predator always seems to be two moves ahead of the rookie investigator. As the body count rises, Kate struggles to apprehend the brutal mastermind before he resurrects history's most insidious for of torture upon her.

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