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Story Examples

Below are examples of how Northern California cemeteries can play a feature role in a short story. Cemeteries can be historical, private, public, affiliated with a religious institution or for pets. The cemeteries can be real or imagined. We prefer stories focused on real or imagined cemeteries set in the Greater Sacramento Metropolitan area, but good stories that feature cemeteries located in Northern California are welcome.

These examples are NOT definitive or even recommended for use. Think of them as a match that sparks your imagination. However, the best way to spark your imagination is to do some research. Research the history of local cemeteries and those laid to rest there. Research the types of jobs associated with cemeteries. Or, research other fiction stories that feature cemeteries.

Let your imagination run wild.

Strictly Mystery Examples

  • A Renaissance group of six retirees take a three hour tour of Sacramento’s historic cemetery. An hour into the tour one of them goes missing leaving behind her keys and purse next to a headstone. No one saw her leave. What happened to her? And how did she disappear without anyone noticing? Does the headstone provide a clue?
  • A cemetery caretaker in Elk Grove  starts his day by mowing grass and pulling weeds. But before he can get started he finds a fresh, shallow grave that wasn't there when he locked the gates the night before. Who is in that grave? How did h/she die? How did h/she get there?
  • CS Crimes has planned an elaborate burial of her cat, Mrs. D. Body, in the Sacramento Pet Sacramento on Gerber Road. She’s chosen a beautiful spot near the lake to lay her dear friend to rest. But when she arrives it’s not Mrs. D. Body’s feline form in the casket. It’s a canine dressed in a tuxedo. All Ms. Crimes' friends and family will arrive soon. Where is Mrs. D. Body?
  • Detective C.S. Crimes is retiring in six months. Looking for a case to get her to finish line without too much fuss, she takes a cold case about headstones stolen from a cemetery near Folsom Lake several years ago.  But her cold case quickly turns into a murder investigation when the Cemetery Director is found dead in his office.
  • Mildred was excited about her book club's planned a tour of the Sacramento City Cemetery. While there a particular grave caught her eye. The headstone was an artistic stack of books. When she saw the name, she gasped and felt her heart skip a beat. The name was that of an estranged relative that no one knew was dead.

Supernatural Mystery Examples

  • Stories that unravel the mystery of a haunted cemetery.
  • Stories that unravel the mystery of moving or turning cemetery statues.
  • Stories that unravel the mystery of why a ghost haunts a crypt.
  • Trixie grabbed her friend's hand and squeezed. She could hardly wait for the tour to start. The two girls joined the line of costume goers for the Annual Halloween Night at the Cemetery. But once inside they realize this was no tour.  They were inside a Locked Graveyard game and only those who unraveled the clues by dawn can escape.

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