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As our community grapples with the current state of the world, Capitol Crimes is here to help alleviate your stress. Soak in these mystery novel excerpts and short stories from Capitol Crimes members.

Lonesome Highway  by Nan Mahon

(Chapter Excerpt)

Down on his luck, country singer Charlie Jones and his new girlfriend Jeanne, are trying to make it from Placerville to Reno for his next gig. In the dead of a very dark night, Charlie takes a steep, deserted mountain road to avoid the police. The body of his musical partner is lying in the motel where they stayed last night. Halfway up the mountain, the car breaks down and Charlie sets out on foot to find help. He is given a ride by an old cowboy named Harley who drops him at a tavern in the middle of nowhere and disappears. The tavern is crowded with revelers and a country band. The piano player looks a lot like the dead man Charlie left behind. 

The Hydra Effect  by Ana Manwaring

(Chapter Excerpt)

In the second JadeAnne Stone Mexico Adventure, The Hydra Effect, JadeAnne reels from the death of her friend Lura. She and her faithful dog, Pepper, head to Mexico City for the funeral where Jade runs into Anibal, Lura's sexy cousin. He reveals he's working for the DEA and convinces her to join his undercover operation—a terrifying maze of human trafficking, double dealing and violence. When they discover a cache of meth, money and trafficked children in an alleged cartel safe house, JadeAnne has no choice but to rescue two teens trafficked from California, which puts her in the sights of the ruthless criminal organization, Los Zetas. Help comes from a surprising source, but not before JadeAnne faces the ultimate betrayal.

On Scent  by Cherie O'Boyle

(Chapter Excerpt)

Jody and her canine search and rescue team train hard for every possible emergency, then the inconceivable happens. As the dogs and their handlers track a kidnapped toddler and his desperate and psychotic father into the forest, they cannot know what dangers await them there. And when the father’s abandoned campfire blows up, everyone is trapped. Also enjoy Cherie O'Boyle's free short mystery, Back for Seconds?. Available on Amazon and all ebook outlets. Author page:

Phantom of the Prom  by Linda Joy Singleton

(A ghost short story  from THE SEER series)

Psychic Sabine Rose from THE SEER series has solved mysteries of tragic ghosts, toxic spirits, and malevolent magicians. But now she’s faced with new challenges—convincing her boyfriend Dominic to take her to the prom AND banishing an angry ghost. With the help of good friends and her spirit guide, Opal, she enters a creep castle in search of answers—and the ghost of a killer. Author page:

Love's Encore  by Sophia Jackie

(Chapter Excerpt)

When a family tragedy and a brutal murder conspire to bring estranged lovers Coco Delacroix and Oakland PD Detective Ryan Croft together again they must catch a killer and navigate scorned lovers to find their way back to each other. A mystery romance whodunnit that keeps you guessing to the end. Available on Kindle Unlimited on Author and Publisher page:

Family Shame  by Frank Rankin

(Chapter Excerpt - Publication Date: Coming Soon!)

Rubick Chartane is a son of a very wealthy family. When he uncovers documents and learns how his ancestor grandfather initially earned his wealth, which has grown throughout several generation. He wants his father to go public on the issue, and he refuses. Rubick legally changes his name and joins the Marine Corps, sent to the Mid-East . After six years, he joins the FBI. When the FBI Director calls him in to his office to tell Rubick his mother died , allegedly due to natural causes. Rubick insists it was murder , and defies the Director's order not to go to New York City. With the assistance of a friend, NYPD Detective Lou Caretti, they find the murderer, and why.

Borrowed Time  by Dänna Wilberg

(Chapter Excerpt)

Imagine being shot, thrown into a pool, and left for dead. But by some miracle you survive−only to be tormented by visions of young women being murdered…
When Suzanne Cash’s dead fiancé, Jack, appears during her near-death experience, she credits him for saving her life. But when he keeps reappearing, hijacking her sanity, and insisting she revisit her past, she questions his motives. Why would he lead her into the lair of a serial killer? And what is his connection to the victims? Detective Sam Metzger wants answers, even if it means suspending his disbelief about things unknown.
As the body count rises, Suzanne’s visions become more frequent and El Dorado’s Sheriff’s Department is on the hook. Sam knows the clock is ticking, and although Jack is determined to help Suzanne understand her nefarious visions, lifting the veil to the other side is out of his control. After all, in the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, destiny must prevail. Available on Kindle Unlimited on Author page:

Bakersfield Boys Club by Anne Di Vigo

It’s 1978 in Bakersfield, California. Suzanne Ricci, a widow who escaped a rough-and-tumble childhood in the oil fields, is struggling to raise her fourteen-year-old son, Danny. When she discovers the stabbed and beaten body of her neighbor, Reggie, she conceals evidence Danny may have attended the all-male party where Reggie died. More murders occur, and as the police investigation widens, Danny becomes trapped in the coils of The Club, a group of powerful men who abuse vulnerable teens. Suzanne launches a fight against entrenched power that puts everything at risk—her home, her job, and a new love--to save her son.
Bakersfield Boys Club was loosely inspired by the Lords of Bakersfield cases, a series of murders that began in the 1970s and ended with the stabbing of Kern County’s assistant district attorney in the 2000s. As a court and crime beat reporter, the author covered the trial of the first of the Lords murders.  Available on Kindle Unlimited on

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